Skills & Qualifications

According to article 4 par. C of n. 3898/2010 as amended and now in force, in Greece any lawyer and any third person with higher education degree, specially trained and accredited by the competent bodies of Articles 5 and 6 of that law can become a mediator.

The Mediator is a third person, which the parties will choose together and who will assist them, in an impartial way, to reach a mutual agreement to resolve their dispute.

Training and Accreditation

Law 3898/2010 provides that training is provided only by Training Institutes operating under a license and in the form of non-profit company formed by at least one Bar Association and at least one Chamber of Commerce.

Mediation training institutes train delegates in accordance with the training program set out in Annex I of Presidential Decree 123/2011 and training is then followed by a written and an oral examination.

Those who successfully complete the training program at one of the training institutes are then eligible to sit the accreditation examination before the examination committee of the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights.

Upon successful completion of the Ministry’s exams, delegates names are listed in the public register of Mediators of the Ministry of Justice.

In Athens, the Mediators Training Institution formed by the Athens Bar Association and the Chamber of Crafts of Athens is the «Athens Training Centre for Mediators, AKKED "Prometheus" " founded in April 2012 as a non-profit company and is licensed and registered by the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights.